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Sampei the Videogame
Start screen of the game
Made by Dalax Soft 
Support: 360Kb Floppy
Why to review this? Because this game is really  funny (a bit stupid) and well to play with friends
This is the first review and i want to tell how to read the description of the images, leave the pointer on an images for a second and a descriptionof it will appare.
Everything starts in a very dark night, and sampei is coming home from school, when... a big fish came out of the sea and eat him. Uhm, no... i'm not sure that this is the right intro, but... in this gae the intro is in japanese and i don't understand anything :). fishing $$$$ wonderfullWell, when you start the game and old man launch you a competition, and you have to fish as much fish (to fish a fish :) that you can, fishing is a big difficult because the game is in japanese and problably you don't understand the help (if there is one), but when you  understand how to fish the game is really funny, usually you have to fish little fishes but there are a lot of  other kind of fishes, the pirahna (how do i spell it???) and if you touch this you will lost the lure, there are the big fishes that live in the deep is it and old  shoe?? no, it is a life, life oh life.... Supernatural of the sea and there are bag of money and lifes, yes, when you get a fish a bag with money appear in the sea and if you fish it you will get points, and when you fish more than one fish a life appear in the sea and if you fish it you will receive a life.
I engaged a competition with my friends and it was very funny to see the stupid espressions of sampei and of my friends (usually they have the same espression :-() Ohhhh). This is a good game to play when you don't have anything to  do and is a really good alternative at the modern PC fish games... i think that this is better becuse Sampei is Sampei, and the game is a bit demential. My first fish... i will never forget it :)At the end this game is a MUST and if you don't play it you are a snatcher,  I know that the game is repetitive and after 20 minutes is a bit boring and repetitive, is a game for who loves fishing, because is the same as fishing, long and always the same... but the first time that you play it or when you play it with same friends it is realy cool and funny you can organize same tounaments and similar, i hate only that there are the pirahnia (another time i don't  know how to spell it :( ) in a lake ???!!!, if you want to try a nice game from a very popular manga then go to the games page in the MSX2 section and download this NOW.
Alessandro "Javanx" Molina
A final Comment? The game is well done, the graphic is nice and in japanese stile, it's funny, It's from a classic cartoon that i think that everybody knows (here in Italy, i don't know in other states) and and  and and, wath else? Oh yeah, is a fishing game, and i think that is the only one for msx. why only 85% if the game is very good??? because after some times that you play it is boring and repetitive.