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Philips MSX Computers
The full list of Philips MSX computer than and now
Philips VG-8010 & VG-8020
These are the 1° and 2° models of Philips MSX1, the VG-8010 and the VG-8020.
The VG-8010 has a plain and short keyboard, it is very bad and cheap MSX, The VG-8020 has a long professional keyboard, 64kB RAM and probably the most used msx1 in europe.
After the VG-8000 (that didn't have a printer's port!), the VG-8010 and the VG-8020, Philips has started to make the MSX2.
Philips VG-8020
The best view of the VG-8020
You can see the  remote control in the bottom; I found the immage in a site where it was speaking about how to use the msx as an IR sender/reciever.
because the msx has a realy simple design it's realy easyto add more controls.
Philips VG-8235
This is an image of Philips VG-8235.
This is the first philips's msx2, It has a single 360Kb diskdrive that is realy simple to change in a 720 drive only changing the Diskrom
Philips NMS8245 MSX2 & NMS1431 Printer & VS0080 RGB Color Monitor
The NMS8245 it is my msx and i think that is the most confortable. It has 128Kb of RAM and 128Kb of VideoRam and a 720 drive.
on the left you can see the NMS1431 MSX Printer.
the monitor is a VS0080 RGB Color Monitor, that is the same as the CM8833 monitor, but with the case of the same color of the msx.
The software that is running is a version of Ease. A excellent Graphic user interface made by OperaSoft for the Philips.
Philips NMS 8250 Prototype
This is the NMS 8250. It is problably the most sold msx2 in europe, but not in Italy.
Its internal structure can be modified form 128 kb  of ram to 4mb very easy.
The only differences betwen this version and the last are the words on the keyboard.
Philips NMS8250 Prototype 2
another version of the NMS 8250 , look at the red power button.
that is different from the final version.
Philips NMS 8280
The NMS 8280 it is the BEST Philips, a friend of mine has one of this and it is realy, realy wonderfull. it has 2 720Kb drivers and a videodigitalizer with a gen-lock!
This is the best if you want to make your own films at home!

Copyright 1998 Alessandro "javanx" Molina & Select Image