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Blade Lords
Start screen of the game
Made by Parallax 
Support: 720Kb Floppy
Why to review this? Yeah a cool game,  the son of King of Valley
The son of king of Valley ?, No, the son of Cas Cremers, one of the best games for msx ever made, cool graphic, good sound and very perfect playability, You are a blade lord and you have to kill all that little and a bit funny monsters, if there are to much problems and the atmosphere is too hot you can get the gem and when you have enough gem you will get a life, to kill the enemies you have to trow your blade to them and when they are shocked you have to jump on him. In the game there are various world, from a castle to a undersea world, totaly there are six worlds: The Castle, The forest, The grooveyard, The Temple, The undersea World and the last but not least the futuristic world. the stages are simply and in only one screen, sometimes the game is a bit repetitive, but in the last levels you have to study a strategy before to go and kill the enemies, you have to study their movements and in the right moment jump out of your hiding-place and shock them with you sword, and while they are shocked jump on them and totaly destroy them. the lord has a lot of powers, he can run very very fast and he can stay on the walls with his sword... this powers will be very usefull in the last levels, you can wait a monster on a wall and kill  him when he goes to the other side of the level, the game is easy and it's perfect to play with a friend, because is possible to play with two lords at the same time, PLAYNING IN TWO IS A MUST, MUST, MUST, YOU MUST DO IT it's too fun... This game is funny, the graphics isn't bad, the sound is ok, and the control is good. You can use a joystick with only one button jumping pushing up or use a joystick with two buttons jumping pushing the second button.
I tried the game on an old emulator and there are some graphics glint, but on the new one there aren't this kind of problem, this game is a must for the old style Mario game lovers.

Stefano "Viglius" Vigliani
A comment... PERFECT, perfect and free, yes, the game is freeware and if you want it you have only to go to the msx2 download section and download it, if you don't have it you are... a snatcher? no , you are totaly crazy